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At the core of my work is the desire to see Caribbean stories celebrated worldwide. Storytelling is essential to Caribbean culture and my culture is paramount to who I am. I grew up in Barbados where I attended drama classes at Mustardseed Productions Inc throughout my childhood. Under the mentorship of Varia Williams, I recognized the power of creative collaboration. 


I want to create artistic practices that centre empathy and advocacy. Advocating for each other and for ourselves. I believe creative processes should support artists, encourage them to take risks and be unapologetic about who they are. I want to see Caribbean women, Black women and Women of Colour thriving on the biggest stages across the globe and I hope to be an instrument in this orchestration. 


I am intrigued by work that explores the Black experience across cultures. The intersection of cultural identities greatly influences our communication and how we relate to one another. Works that inspire me include Other Side Of The Game by Amanda Parris, The House That Will Not Stand by Marcus Gardley, How Black Mothers Say I Love You by Trey Anthony and countless more.

In 2019 I co-wrote and directed How We Breathe at the 19th Paprika Festival. How We Breathe investigates the nuances and complexities of Blackness and mental health. This collaborative process sought to create a space, both in the rehearsal process and with the audience, where folks felt seen and could engage in constructive dialogue. I believe theatre can be an outlet for community building.

How We Breathe
How We Breathe
One of my Inspirations
Collaborative exploration of This Is For You, Anna
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